Applying For Funding Is Simple

The Mary Brown Memorial Trust has clearly defined eligibility criteria outlined below.

Please ensure you read the funding guidelines carefully and provide all the information we request in the application form as this will mean the outcome is quicker for you.

Who We Fund

The Trust only supports charities which:

  • are registered in the United Kingdom
  • have an annual income of under £5,000,000
  • have a key focus on one or more of our charitable purposes - in particular, we wish to fund projects which are compatible with Christian values and which focus on working with those who are disadvantaged.

What We Fund

  • We offer grants to Churches and other Charities for specific projects, capital projects, salary costs etc
  • We prefer to give to projects which enable front-line delivery
  • Grants for some projects may be one-off; grants over 2 or 3 years may also be awarded with the expectation that projects are self-financing thereafter
  • We prefer to fund projects where at least 50% of the funds come from other sources

What We Don't Fund

  • Non-charitable organisations
  • Charities whose main aim is influencing policy or lobbying
  • General running costs of a project
  • Political parties
  • Cash donations

The Amount of a Grant

You should specify the amount you are seeking on the online application form provided. The Trustees decide whether to award a grant and how much to award based on all the information contained in the application.There are two Grant Funds:

Small Grant Fund for applications up to £5,000

Large Grant Fund for applications from £5,000 to £50,000

When to Apply

Applications may be submitted online at any time and will be considered at the next Trustees’ meeting – the Trustees meet three times a year. Charities may only apply for a grant once in a calendar year. Grants are usually paid as single payments in one year but, if considered particularly beneficial to the project, they may be extended over 3 years



On the first anniversary of the award of a grant, the Mary Brown Memorial Trust requests the submission to the Trust of a report on the progress  and the success of the project financed.Please note: if you cannot use the Trust’s grant, it should be returned to us at the earliest possible opportunity.The Trustees reserve the right to revise and amend these Criteria

Charitable Purposes

The Charitable purposes of the Trust are as follows, covering the United Kingdom and elsewhere in the world.

  • To advance Christian Faith
  • To advance Education
  • To relieve Poverty
  • To advance Health
  • To advance Citizenship and Community Development
  • To promote Religious and Racial Harmony
  • To promote Equality and Diversity
  • To relieve those Disadvantaged due to age, ill-health, disability, financial hardship or other disadvantage of any kind